How To Buy A House In The Netherlands For Foreigners

This page is intended for foreigners who want to buy a house in the Netherlands. You'll find all about the "how to" below.

Want a short version? Go to the quick start guide.

Are foreigners allowed to buy a house in the Netherlands? 

Yes, foreigners can freely buy a house in the Netherlands. 

Renting or buying?

How do you decide for renting or buying a house in the Netherlands? There are three main items. The cost involved, the availability, and the ease of changes to the property. Read my page on renting or buying here.

House or apartment? 

When buying a property there are differences between houses and apartments. The main items are the shared ownership (and cost involved) and the freedom to do maintenance. 

Newly build or existing property?

Existing properties are often available in the short term. Properties that aren't finished yet may take up to two years before you can move in. 

There are more pro's and cons. Read them here. 

Do I go for my own land or a leasehold plot?

In the Netherlands you'll often come across leasehold. What are the pro's and cons of leasehold? Find out here.

Should I buy during the credit crunch?

You may be worried about the prices of the properties. Will they plummet after you've bought your house? Or you may be cautious because you don't know how long you'll keep your job.

You only have two choices. Wait until the prices have dropped (it may never happen), or buy now.

When you decide to wait, you're predicting the market. The question whether or not the prices will drop, can not be answered in advance.

So I'll give you my thoughts on how to choose between buying now or waiting.

When you intend to own your own property for the coming thirty years or so, short term changes in price are not important (and thus buying a house during the credit crunch is an opportunity).

Much more important (than price changes) is the question whether or not you're able to pay the cost of the housing for the coming thirty years. If that's the case, you'll be able to live in the property, whatever the prices are doing. 

Falling prices will only be a problem when you have to change your owned property for a rental property. You may be stuck with a huge debt. 

Do you feel you will only stay in this house for a short time? Or you're not sure about job or income?

Than it might be sensible not to buy a house right now. You don't run the rick having to sell the house with a loss (the cost to buy the house is lost immediately). And when the prices are falling, you'll live without worries. 


The cost of buying a house in the Netherlands. Sales fees and other charges
There are lots of different costs when buying a house. I've made two pages for you.

One is about all the costs when buying a house.

The second gives a real life example. This way you'll see what general people pay for (somewhere in between five to seven percent of the purchase price).  

Funding: deposits and mortgages

Insurance when buying a house.
There are many insurances possible when it comes to your home.

I've made a list of the most common insurances for your house here.

Finding a property, the quest.


Determine the price.


Real Estate Agents.


The contracts.

Rest of the settlement.

To the notary.

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