Buying A House Will Cost You Some Money. Discover My List Of Expenses Here.

So you decided to buy a house in the Netherlands. How much money do you have to set aside? Which expenses will you have to make, before you can finally live in that house.

Let's divide the costs in:

  • the price of the property (the amount you pay for it, without the added cost for transfer of ownership).
  • costs for transfer of ownership
  • several other extra costs (mortgage, valuation, etc)
  • money you'll spend on the house once it's yours (renovation, furnishing, maintenance)
  • expenses of moving
  • costs of landscaping

Add this all together and you know how much money you need. 

You'll find a general example calculation here.

Minimum costs you'll always pay
Negotiatied price of the property

Transfer tax (two percent of the purchase price)

Cost of transfer at the notary office

Translator at the notary (foreigners only)

Land Registry fee regarding the property

Regular costs most people pay

Building inspection

Costs for arranging a mortgage (consultancy)

Valuation costs necessary for mortgage

Cost of mortgage registration at the notary office

Land Registry fee regarding the mortgage

Extra costs that may or may not be applicable

Soil research

Fee for real estate agent

Costs of purchased movables (curtains, carpets, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc...) 

What else to take into account

Deferred maintenance (you'll have to do the maintenance at some point). 

Renovations and changes in the layout (for example remove some walls, make room for a larger bathroom).

Improvements (think new kitchen cabinets, counter top, tiles, faucets, new appliances, replacing old heaters, installing central heating, etc ).

Extensions (conservatory, Dormer). 

Home decoration. (The house needs to be painted? Paint costs a lot these days. You may also need: carpeting, wallpaper, curtains. And furniture: dining table, chairs, sofa, armchair and other stuff like mirrors, paintings, etc... ).

Movers (professional or rent a van yourself).

Landscaping (New garden or just a few changes).

Do make special arrangements?
Cohabitation agreement at the notary office.

Register two wills at the notary office.

Extra life insurance for partners.

Hidden Costs
Taking time off from work for to visit houses (this may cost you some holidays).

Time for arranging the mortgage.

Time to spend on visiting the notary.

Time to supervise renovations.

When this takes a bite out of your holiday days, it's a cost too. 

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