Do you want to calculate the extra costs when buying your house?

Look at the following example to get an idea of the additional costs when buying a house in the Netherlands.

The first three items make up the transfer costs.

The rest are additional costs. Most people have to make these too. 

Here is an example calculation

A house is bought for € 200.000,-

The buyer made use of a buying real estate agent who charges a two percent fee (including VAT).

Prices of the notary are found on the internet.

Commissions for getting a mortgage are set to € 2.000,- These may be negotiable.

The preferred mortgage is as high as possible. This way all costs are covered.

In practice you'll have to investigate how high your mortgage can be. This will differ per person.

Price of the house € 200.000,-
Transfer tax 2% van 200.000,- € 4.000,-
Cost of transfer at the notary office € 450,-
Transfer cost Land Registry € 200,-
Cost of mortgage at the notary office € 450,-
Mortgage cost Land Registry € 200,-
Cost of translator at the notary office € 200,-
Costs of arranging a mortgage € 2.000,-
Valuation necessary for mortgage € 250,-
Buying real estate agent € 4.000,-
Building inspection € 350,-
Total € 212.100

The transfer tax at this moment is two percent of the purchase price.

You'll always have to pay this when you buy a house. I'm sorry to say that it's non-negotiable. 

Next, the transfer of ownership has to take place at the notary office. There's no other way. 

You're free to negotiate a price with the notary. So the costs for the notary is an indication.  

When you're not a Dutch citizen, an accredited translator is required at the notary meetings. Even if you understand Dutch really well. And you'll have to pay for it too.

The other items in this example, are not applicable to everyone. When you don't need a mortgage (lucky you!) you don't pay the associated costs. 

And when you didn't use a buying real estate agent, you don't pay for that either. And when you did need a real estate agent, you may have arranged a different fee. 

The same for a building inspection. Don't need one? Cuts the total cost a little more. 

The majority of the people have to pay all of these. That's why the additional costs for buying a house in the Netherlands are in the range of five (no mortgage needed) to seven percent of the purchase price.  

Ofcourse this is without renovation, redecoration and moving.

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